What is octoshape.exe?

I installed the Adobe Flash Player add-in, which includes octoshape.exe. I’m not sure if removing it is necessary because I already have it; but now that I know more, I’m not so confident. What exactly is octoshape.exe?

Is octoshape.exe safe, or is it a virus or malware?

What is octoshape.exe? What are the risks of using it

Octoshape, a provider of cloud-based streaming services, has been distributing an add-in for Adobe Flash Player called “Grid Delivery.” This add-in purports to improve the quality of video streams by routing them through Octoshape’s servers. However, this add-in also appears to be causing increased traffic on some networks without users’ knowledge or consent. In particular, CNN’s live stream (among others) is being delivered to users via peers at a rate that far exceeds what would normally be expected from a standard Flash player connection. 

The first step in identifying whether a file is a genuine Windows process or an infection is knowing what program is behind it. 

Octoshape Technologies GmbH offers products that enhance video streaming for consumers by providing higher-quality streams using less bandwidth than other similar technologies. The Octoshape add-in to Adobe Flash Player allows users access to these advanced streaming services.

Octoshape Technologies, Inc is the US subsidiary of Octoshape GmbH in Denmark. What this means is that both companies are subsidiaries of Octoshape Limited based in Hong Kong/China where the servers powering their technology reside. 

Can I remove or delete octoshape.exe?

Only if you have a compelling reason should you remove a secure executable file. What is octoshape.exe, and what does it do? Where can I get octoshape.exe files and associated applications? What are the possible applications for octoshape.exe files and how may I open them? How can I utilize the Octoshape add-in to Adobe Flash Player to access this sophisticated streaming? 

How to fix octoshape.exe

A clean and tidy computer is one of the most effective methods to avoid issues with Adobe Flash Player’s Octoshape add-in.  If you are having difficulties with octoshape.exe, it is recommended that you take some time to clean your computer and remove any unnecessary files or programs. What are the possible causes of errors with octoshape.exe?

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Octoshape security issues:

The installation of the Octoshape Grid Delivery add-on for Adobe Flash Player may also install octoshape.exe, which is a potential security concern.

Octoshape has been known to cause problems with Firefox and other browsers.

Is it necessary to remove the Adobe Flash Player add-in from Octoshape? It’s partly determined by a slew of variables.

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is limited. This is due to the fact that many people (about 30% of the bandwidth for CNN’s live stream comes from peers) are unaware of the adjustment.