MSN Messenger and Hotmail are popular email services. These tools allow you to send emails, instant messages, video chats, and more. If you’re having trouble logging into MSN Messenger or Hotmail, there’s a few steps that can help! 

Other emails can be combined here, and we may use Hotmail on our phones. MSN Messenger accounts may also be used to log in using a Hotmail account. 

  • To log into MSN Messenger, open your web browser and go to 
  • Enter your email address and password in the corresponding fields, then click “Login”. 
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can follow the instructions on how to reset it. 
  • To log into Hotmail from a mobile device, open the Outlook app and enter your email address and password. 

Logging into MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger could be downloaded on your desktop as a shortcut. No need to open a browser to be able to use it. To log-in, simply do the following steps:

  • Open MSN Messenger
  • In the top-right corner, click on “Sign In” 
  • Type in your email address and password and press enter.

Logging into Hotmail through Outlook App

If you have installed the Outlook App on your device, you can also log into your Hotmail account using it. The steps are very similar to the ones for MSN Messenger: 

  1. Open Outlook App 
  2. In the top-left corner, tap on “Settings” (the gear icon) 
  3. Tap on “Accounts” 
  4. Under “Email”, tap on “+ Add Account” 
  5. Select “Hotmail” and type in your email address and password. Then press  “Sign In”.

You can also add your Hotmail account to the Outlook App on your computer. The steps are a bit different, but the end result is the same: you’ll be able to log into your account using the Outlook App. 

Loginning Problems 

If you have any problems logging in, or if you need help with anything else related to your Hotmail account, please Microsoft Support. 

Personal Information Is Not For Sale 

Microsoft takes your privacy seriously by how do I log into msn messenger.  Your personal information will never be sold to a third party. You can read Microsoft’s privacy policy for more information.